Winners of 420 DAO Referral Campaign

420 DAO’s community is growing exponentially, and we are more than excited about this development. To present our gratitude towards all our members and their support, we recently conducted a Referral Campaign.

Here are the details for the Referral Campaign:

Date — 24th Jan — 2nd Feb 3 PM UTC

Rewards: $5000 worth $420 tokens

Winners: 200

We are thrilled to announce that we saw participation from almost 5K users with the total entries of 162,005.

No more waiting! It’s time to announce the list of 200 lucky winners! Click HERE.

Note — All winners will receive an email on their given email address with a Google Form link that they must submit before 13th February, 3PM UTC to claim the rewards; together with the details of how tokens will be distributed.

We congratulate everyone who won this time and presented our gratitude to everyone who participated in this campaign. We have several more campaigns and giveaways lined up! Stay tuned!

About 420 DAO

420 DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that aims to build the right decentralized digital future. The project is a revolutionary DAO that has established a dedicated community of crypto proponents, thought leaders, builders, and investors.

The 420 DAO ecosystem is powered by 420 token that has in-build properties such as Store of Value Membership Value Governance value. To learn more about 420 DAO visit,

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Discord




Web3 DAO. Store of value x Membership x Governance Up Only

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420 DAO

420 DAO

Web3 DAO. Store of value x Membership x Governance Up Only

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