Unlock the smart investor’s guide to surviving a bear crypto market

#1 Do not panic!

#2 Do not panic sell, HOLD instead

#3 “When there’s blood on the streets, you buy.” — Warren Buffett

#4 Practice dollar-cost averaging (aka do not put all your eggs in one basket)

#5 Perform rigorous due diligence (aka do your research)

  • Look for the assets’ previous all-time highs. It is hard to promise a guaranteed return to its all-time high, but it can give you an idea of the assets’ potential.
  • Research the assets’ previous performance such as price history and see how well it has recovered during previous crashes. Previous performance is no guarantee of future price activity, but, again, it gives you a rough idea of what might be possible.
  • Check their roadmap, tokenomics and any new recovery announcement they may have made to assist in asset’s recovery.

#6 MOST IMPORTANT rule of the game — only invest what you can risk losing

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