How does 420 DAO protect its members?

The decentralized autonomous organization has helped boost the decentralization of digital currency and keep the cryptocurrency ecosystem more fair and transparent. The combination of DAO, decentralized finance and blockchain technology powers the core of the crypto-verse. Not only does a DAO offer the members the ability to participate in the project’s development, but it also ensures the safety of investors and all its members.

420 DAO is a revolutionary DAO body that supports and coordinates the development of decentralized economies. It is a project built for investors and builders to build the right decentralized digital future. Moreover, 420 DAO ensures the security, safety and profitability of its members.

Three Layers of Value Protection for Members

The profitability, sustainability and reliability of any project is not only determined by the utility of the platform. It is also determined by the different measures the project takes to ensure an optimum and secure future for its members.

420 DAO has deployed three layers of value protection for its members.

Floor Price

420 protocol ensures that new members contribute equally and positively to the decentralized autonomous organization as a whole. The project is designed for members to add value to the protocol instead of extracting it.

Intrinsic Value

420 DAO is treasury-backed that empowers 420 tokens with positive intrinsic value. The market must always trade above the intrinsic value, or one can make free money. The market price of 420 tokens is generally 6x higher than the intrinsic value.

Membership Value

The robustness of any DAO project is determined by the freedom and control the users have in the governance of the project. DAO is a first-seen in crypto yet sensible project that enables long-term focused members on becoming the true deciders of the treasury. When a user leaves the DAO, they also forfeit the membership value for the benefit of the remaining community.

Using these three layers, 420 DAO ensures that every member has a role to play in the project’s growth and feel valued. 420 DAO aims to set a new standard for community participation and instil these standards in decentralized global economies.

About 420 DAO

420 DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that aims to build the right decentralized digital future. It is a coordinating and supporting body that promotes the development of decentralized economies using its robust tools and 420 DAO token. The project is a revolutionary DAO that has established a dedicated community of crypto proponents, thought leaders, builders and investors.

The 420 DAO ecosystem is powered by 420 token that has in-build properties such as Store of Value Membership Value Governance value. To learn more about 420 DAO visit,

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Discord




Web3 DAO. Store of value x Membership x Governance Up Only

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420 DAO

420 DAO

Web3 DAO. Store of value x Membership x Governance Up Only

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