HackaDAO by 420 DAO — $2100 Prize for the 1st winner!

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3 min readFeb 18, 2022


420 DAO is launching a unique competition solely for crypto and DAO enthusiasts, called HackaDAO. HackaDAO is an excellent opportunity for everyone to experiment with 420 DAO dApp, earn exciting prizes while becoming a part of the 420 DAO community. The competition will be held on Sunday 27th February, 2022.

HackaDAO with 420 DAO

420 DAO is a coordinating and supporting body that promotes the development of decentralized economies. The ecosystem is built on an open-source dApp that is ready to be launched after months of rigorous development. Before the launch, 420 DAO wants to ensure that every aspect of the dApp is in order, hence, the competition will be the chance for the community to see and test it out in reality.

HackaDAO participants will be the very first ones to experiment with the dApp Beta 0.9.6 deployed on Avalanche mainnet, auction and stake $420 tokens to see how the system actually works. This is not a Hackathon, so no coding skills are required. What we need from the participants are logical reasoning, math skills and the passion to learn and earn. Within 10 auctions, the ones who win will be the ones that make the highest profit at the end of auction 10th. More details are to be provided later.

Top reasons why you should join HackaDAO

Exclusive Access to dApp first beta version

The winners of the quiz will be the first 20 individuals to get their hands on the 420 DAO dApp Beta 0.9.6, and will have the chance to explore the project and its features before the public launch.


All the participants of HackaDAO will have the chance to experiment with the dApp and understand how it operates, including purchasing $420 tokens via auctions, staking, unstaking, etc.

Test your skills

All the individuals participating in the HackaDAO will face several hurdles that will test their math skills and intellectual capabilities.

Earn money

If all the above-mentioned reasons are not enough, participants of the HackaDAO will have the opportunity to win several exciting rewards. The highest prize of $2100 will be for the top winner of the game. $420 for the second winner and $210 for the third one!

How to attend?

To get a chance to place your name on the participant list, the first step is to compete in a quiz which will test your general knowledge about 420 DAO. The winners of the quiz will be selected on the basis of the right answers and the time taken to solve the questions.

Participants are recommended to go through 420 DAO’s docs page before the quiz starts to really ace it. In the next step, they will be invited to attend the HackaDAO.

The quiz will be live today at 2PM (UTC) on all 420 DAO’s social media channels.
Deadline to complete is 23rd Feb, Wednesday at 2PM (UTC).

Here is the Quiz link: https://bit.ly/3gTkIQ7

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