AMA RECAP: 420 DAO X Dubai Crypto Bulls

  • Thanh Nguyen — our Tech Lead graduated from Applied Mathematics from Paris Sorbonne University and has extensive experience in Virtual Survey Simulation and Real Time Big Data Analytics. He is an expert in designing solution architectures for scalable systems. He is here today with us @ctnguyen
  • Colin Platt — our Strategy Advisor is an NFT expert, industry thought leader and speaker, also CEO of Unifty. You can listen to one of his sharings here:
  • Khanh Do is a coding prodigy, member of Vietnamese national team in International coding contest.
  • Vanessa Tran is an Oxford Alumni and is honored thanks to her public service in the UK.
  • Tri Vo is a business school professor in Paris, France.
  • Hai Vo is the Vice President of the World Martial Arts Union. He’s a fighter 😉
token release and double-halvings
allocations of tokens and USD in various pools
circulating supply over time and hard cap 420M tokens
staking rewards APY over time. Graciously decreasing reward at protocol level (no human governance involved)



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420 DAO

420 DAO

Web3 DAO. Store of value x Membership x Governance Up Only