420DAO — Roadmap to Decentralized Future

The authenticity and sustainability of any cryptocurrency project are determined by its utility and roadmap. 420 DAO, a supporting and coordinating body for the development of decentralized economies, has carefully curated a roadmap with a community-centric approach to ensure a sustainable and bright future for the project.

The roadmap has been designed keeping in mind the expansive nature of cryptocurrencies and the rapid rate of development. It provides the community with a clear plan of 420 DAO which centers around the 3 core activities Building — Investing — Governing.

April 2022: Ɣ- phase

  • [Token $420] TGE. Daily auctions.

April 2022 + 420 days

  • [Token $420] End Ɣ– phase.

April — December 2022

  • April [Building] Create a community channel with high-quality crypto market views with actionable insights.

January-June 2023

  • January [Building] v2: Multi-currency Treasury; enhanced protocol trustlessness, etc.

About 420 DAO

420 DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that aims to build the right decentralized digital future. It is a coordinating and supporting body that promotes the development of decentralized economies using its robust tools and 420 DAO token. The project is a revolutionary DAO that has established a dedicated community of crypto proponents, thought leaders, builders, and investors.

The 420 DAO ecosystem is powered by 420 token that has in-build properties such as Store of Value, Membership Value Governance value. To learn more about 420 DAO visit,

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Discord



Web3 DAO. Store of value x Membership x Governance Up Only http://420da.org

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