420DAO — Roadmap to Decentralized Future

  • [Token $420] TGE. Daily auctions.
  • [Token $420] Community members secure their token $420 via auctions and staking.
  • [Token $420] End Ɣ– phase.
  • [Token $420] Reduced emission of tokens (“double-halvings”).
  • April [Building] Create a community channel with high-quality crypto market views with actionable insights.
  • April [Building] Start building a venture investments database.
  • April [Building] Start building a risk management bot to help traders mitigate against futures liquidation risk.
  • May [Governing] Community Forum enabled.
  • July [Governing] Enable wrapped tokens such ws420 (static governance unit) and ve420 (vote escrowed).
  • August [Investing] DeFi deployment into Curve, Convex, etc.
  • September [Investing] More investment strategies: venture, native DeFi, institutional hedge funds.
  • December [Building] Conceptualise a decentralised options exchange with partial collateral (unsolved problem so far).
  • January [Building] v2: Multi-currency Treasury; enhanced protocol trustlessness, etc.
  • March [Building] Multi-chain deployment.
  • June [Building] Metaverse, NFT, Games, Web3 integration.



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420 DAO

420 DAO

Web3 DAO. Store of value x Membership x Governance Up Only http://420da.org