420 DAO — Roadmap Progress Update

420 DAO
3 min readMay 13, 2022


420 DAO — Roadmap Progress Update

Since we are at the 42nd auction day today we thought it would be a good idea to get an update on the initial roadmap and have a look at the progress we have made.

If you remember our initial roadmap had benchmarked progress against estimated timelines. However, we thought it might be more realistic (and transparently measurable) to benchmark plans against specific treasury goals. Now let’s look at what has been accomplished and what the new treasury goals are!

Already accomplished and ongoing ‘420 token related’ phases:

April 2022: Ɣ- phase & April 2022: April 2022 + 420 days

April 2022: Ɣ- phase

  • Already accomplished — [Token $420] TGE. Daily auctions.
  • Already accomplished — [Token $420] Community members secure their token $420 via auctions and staking.
    🚀 You can secure and stake 420 tokens here: https://app.420da.org/

April 2022 + 420 days

Other phases benchmarked against specific treasury goals:

Treasury Goal (TG) from $0 — $4M

Treasury Goal (TG) from $0 — $4M

  • Already accomplished — TG $50K: Create a community channel with high-quality crypto market views with actionable insights.
    🚀 Have you joined our 420 DAO Market Price chat? Join us:
    🚀 Have you joined our 420 DAO Market View — Sponsored by Stratosphère chat? Join us:
  • Already accomplished — TG $100K: Community Forum enabled.
    🚀 Check out the 420 DAO Snapshot here: https://snapshot.org/#/420daorg.eth
    🚀 Article explaining everything you need to know about the first successful proposal:
  • TG $200K: Start building a venture investments database.
  • TG $250K: Start building a risk management bot to help traders mitigate futures liquidation risk.
  • TG $500K: Enable wrapped tokens such as ws420 (static governance unit) and ve420 (vote escrowed).
  • TG $1M: DeFi deployment into Curve, Convex, etc.
  • TG $2M: More investment strategies: venture, native DeFi, institutional hedge funds.
  • TG $4M: Conceptualise a decentralised options exchange with partial collateral (unsolved problem so far).

Treasury Goal (TG) from $5M — $20M

Treasury Goal (TG) from $5M — $20M
  • TG $5M: v2 Multi-currency Treasury; enhanced protocol trustlessness, etc.
  • TG $10M: Multi-chain deployment.
  • TG $20M: Metaverse, NFT, Games, Web3 integration.

Image of the full updated 420 DAO roadmap:

420 DAO Roadmap: Progres update

Have questions about the roadmap? Chat with the community on Telegram: https://t.me/dao420_chat

To learn more about 420 DAO visit,

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FOR THE CRYPTO NEWBIES — what is a roadmap? And why is it important?

The authenticity and sustainability of any cryptocurrency project are determined by its utility and roadmap. 420 DAO, a supporting and coordinating body for developing decentralized economies, has carefully curated a roadmap with a community-centric approach to ensure a sustainable and bright future for the project.

The roadmap has been designed keeping in mind the expansive nature of cryptocurrencies and the rapid rate of development. It provides the community with a clear plan of 420 DAO which centers around the 3 core activities Building — Investing — Governing.